RoboBend – World’s first standardised bending robot cell

RoboBend – World’s First Standardised Bending Robot Cell RoboBend – is the World’s first standard bending robot that solves the problem of finding qualified machine operators, provides higher capacity on company’s present machines, lowers production costs and delivers consistent high quality for your clients. According to interviews conducted with key metal industry players, today there […]

4.6% of Lithuanian companies have been robotised

4.6% of Lithuanian Companies Have Been Robotized: Can We Call That a Breakthrough? Statistics Lithuania has calculated that the number of Lithuanian companies using robots has increased from 3.2 to 4.6% in two years. Looking at the numbers, it is difficult to talk about the promising breakthrough, but experts say that, although not fast enough, […]

Robotizing Metal Industry | Webinar by Factobotics

Factobotics has built up significant experience in cooperation with pilot clients from the industry and has developed useful robotic solutions that have large potential on a broader market. The key topic of the webinar – metal processing automation ✔️ Fitting standardised or developing customized robot solutions in your production? ✔️ Global robotic trends in the […]