Live Demonstrations @TOOL Denmark

Once a month, we hold Live RoboBend Demonstrations at Tool Denmark A/S premises.

During the demonstration of the robot, we:
🔹 Walk you through the functionalities of the robot and introduce different opportunities to automate the bending process
🔹 Show the robot in action – bending at the press brake
🔹 Introduce you to a fast and easy shift from producing one item to the next
🔹 Demonstrate offline programming the robot

Furthermore, this is the possibility of talking with the prominent people creating RoboBend ApS, like Thomas Ronlev, Per Iversen, Claus Hansen, or others, and asking them all the essential questions.

After the demonstration, you will have real experience and an opinion about the product. Many clients find it very useful.

The next live demonstration is 1-4 of March Tool Denmark A/S Denmark premises.
Contact Per Iversen to book a time: or +45 22560714