Bending Program Generation Preview

Bending Program Generation – How It’s Done? 

Natural, before buying a big investment requiring equipment for your factory, you would like to know not just how the robot works. There is no doubt that you will be interested in many more details. So let’s dive deeper into the implications of software.

Assume you have a drawing of the detail you need to bend. What is the process of converting the drawing to the bending program? 

If to put it very simply, this is the process of three steps. 

1. Programming
With a third-party program, Obelisk, you can set all the parameters needed to generate 3D robot bending sequence simulation and robot trajectory calculations.

2. Production Set-Up
With RoboBend intuitive app, you can easily control the robot, set the parameters for the production orders, and start bending.

3. Production
All the information about the production process is displayed and stored in the application database.

RoboBend is designed to make it easy to use and fast to set up for any worker without any complex training.

We invite you to see the video below for a more detailed understanding.