“hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia” Meet Us Here At 5th – 7th of October 2021

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Meet us here! It’s an amazing opportunity to see our New RoboBend1200 live!

5th – 7th of October 2021, Herning. More information: https://www.hiindustryexpo.com/

What makes RoboBend so different and unique?

1. Hassle-free daily bending process – mission possible!✔️

RoboBend is designed to make it easy to use and fast to set up for any worker without any complex training. The operator specifies the pieces that need to be bent through an intuitive user interface. Then the Robot does the all work without any complications. Ensure the best bending practice with Easy-to-use & Fast to set-up robot.

2. It removes your challenge to find qualified manual operators. 

Metal bending is a monotonous, dangerous, and risky job. Future generations are looking for other more sophisticated jobs and industries rather than taking open vacancies in the Metal Industry. The labor shortage in this sector is a huge problem! European Commission’s market data analytics company Skills Panorama predicts 2.7 million unfilled metal machinery job vacancies in the EU by 2030.

RoboBend provides a better work environment by removing dangerous, repeatable, and dirty work for humans. Still, RoboBend cell can easily be moved away in need of manual use of the machine or to another press brake due to the unique interface.

3. RoboBend is a ready-made solution for companies that already have press brakes, so it’s less costly than a customized robot and it’s made to deliver short pay-back time for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

"The most popular reason behind disappointing robotisation implementations is the complexity and over customisation of technologies installed."

Torsten Christensen, ChangeForce.dk and Thomas Ronlev, Factobotics

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