Increase bending capacity
on your existing press brakes

The World’s First Standardised
Bending Robot Cell

RoboBend is a mobile robot cell for sheet metal bending.

It’s compatible with any existing press brakes on the market and has easy-to-use software that ensures high capacity and high quality bending even for smaller batch orders.

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Ready-made “plug & play“ solution for companies that already have press brakes.


RoboBend cell can easily be moved away in need of manual use of the machine or to another press brake due to the unique interface.


The robot provides a better work environment by removing dangerous, repeatable and dirty work for humans.

Easy-to-use & Fast to set-up

Intuitive software interface allows quickly to set up any bending task without special training.


RoboBend will help you To:

Provide Higher Capacity

Can work outside shift hours, provides higher capacity even with smaller batch orders.

Create Profit

Made to deliver short pay-back time for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Have constant high quality

High precision and accuracy delivers the same high quality every time.


Case Study

Savings based on a Danish company case

Per 1 year

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